About me

Michael is a behavioral scientist, behavioral designer, and a health technologist.


  • Behavioral science and design of technology

  • Behavioral economics in the digital economy

  • Health technology (mHealth)

  • Human-centered computing


  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell Tech and Northwell Health in NYC

  • PhD from the Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

You can also find me on twitter, Linkedin and Scholar. Email me at michael [dot] sobolev [at] cornell [dot] edu.

The secret to happiness is low expectations and a good cup of coffee.

Recent News

Credit: Digital Life Initiative

Behavioral technology

Ubiquitous computing | Behavior change technology

  • Planify: intelligent voice assistant for the habit of planning

  • Beehive: research platform developed for the study of human behavior by leveraging the power of ubiquitous mobile technology

Credit: Cornell Chronicle

Digital wellbeing

Digital distraction | Digital nudging

  • Good vibration: reducing digital consumption using digital nudging

  • Digital wellbeing clinic

Credit: small data lab (sdl) at Cornell Tech

Recommender systems

Human-centered design | Behavioral science

  • Design of recommender systems for good

  • Choice architecture in recommender systems

Credit: small data lab (sdl) at Cornell Tech

Health technology

Behavioral health | Personalization

  • Precision technology for behavioral health

  • Digital health clinic at Northwell Health

  • Digital Marshmallow Test (DMT)

Credit: Cornell Tech

Digital economy

Behavioral economics | Digital economy

  • Behavioral economics for tech (BEtech) course

  • Mental accounting in the digital economy